There are excellent choices for accommodation in Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður during the Conference days. We have an agreement with four hostels/hotels which we would like to introduce to you:

In Ólafsfjörður, the town where the conference takes place:

Kaffi Klara

Kaffi klara Joes guesthouse Olafsfjordur IcelandLocated in central Ólafsfjörður, Kaffi Klara is a cafe with a guesthouse on the upper floor (Joe's guesthouse). They have a single, double, triple and quad rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Breakfast is included. They are usually closed during the October season but are open exclusively for our guests. Please send them an email at for inquiries and please mention the "ecoMEDIAeurope" conference in your emails. Prices:

Single room Double / Twin room
EUR 65 EUR 120


Triple room Quad room
EUR 150 EUR 180



Brimnes Hotel & Cabins

Brimnes Hotel OlafsfjordurAlso located in Ólafsfjörður, a great hotel with single and double/twin rooms and cabins (small, medium and large). Breakfast is included in the rooms but the cabins have a small kitchen/dining area. Cabins also have an outdoor hot tub. They are usually closed during the October season but are open exclusively for our guests. Please send inquiries to and please mention "ecoMEDIAeurope" in your email. Prices:

Single room Double / Twin room
EUR 99
EUR 139


Small cabin
(3-4 adults)
Medium cabin
(7 adults)
EUR 172
EUR 204


Large cabin
(7 adults)
EUR 246


In Siglufjörður, the neighbour town, approx. 15 min drive from Ólafsfjörður

Note: Transport between Hotels and Conference Venue will be arranged and is included in the Conference Fee.

Siglo hotel

Siglo hotelIn the beautiful town of Siglufjörður is Siglo hotel. It's a beautiful hotel with classic and deluxe rooms as well as suites. Breakfast is included and the hotel restaurant is an excellent choice for dinner. Please mention "ecoMEDIAeurope 2018" in your requests to

Single room Double room
ISK 15.900
(approx. EUR 122)
ISK 18.900
(approx. EUR 145)


Siglunes Guesthouse

Siglunes hotelA cozy Hotel in Siglufjörður with rooms of all sizes, some with private bathrooms. Breakfast is not included but there's a renowned Moroccan restaurant at the hotel, great choice for dinner. Please mention "ecoMEDIAeurope" in your inquiry to

Single room
(shared bathroom)
Double / Twin room
(shared bathroom)
ISK 13.100
(approx. EUR 101)
ISK 17.500
(approx. EUR 135)


Double / Twin room
(private bathroom)
Triple room
(private bathroom)
ISK 20.800
(approx. EUR 160)
ISK 24.100
(approx. EUR 185)


Quad room
(private bathroom)
ISK 28.500
(approx. EUR 219)